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What is ESOS?


The UK Government have established The Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme Regulations 2014 ("ESOS"), a mandatory energy assessment scheme for UK large undertakings, which implements Article 8 (4-6) of the EU Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU).


If you satisfy the qualification criteria on the qualification date, your organisation, or another organisation in your corporate group structure meets the conditions of a large undertaking operating or based in the UK you must comply.


If your organisation meets the qualification criteria, you must appoint a Lead ESOS Assessor, who is a member of an approved Lead ESOS Assessor Register,  unless 100% of your energy consumption is covered by ISO 50001.

Qualification Criteria


Any large company in the UK that either:

  • employs 250 or more people; or
  • has an annual turnover in excess of €50m (£38,937,777 for Phase 1) and an annual balance sheet total excess of €43m (£33,486,489 for Phase 1).


ESOS Assessments


It is the duty of the lead organisation in your corporate group ("Responsible Undertaking") to carry out an ESOS Assessment, which includes an energy audit.


Lead Assessor


A Responsible Undertaking must appoint at least one Lead Assessor for the purposes of the ESOS Assessment. Our Assessors are approved by Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers ("CIBSE") and the Energy Managers Association (the "EMA").


Evidence Packs


ESOS requires organisations to maintain an evidence pack which has verifiable data. We can audit your evidence pack and provide you the assurance of compliance to ESOS.




The Responsible Undertaking must notify the EA, using the "Notification System" whether they have complied with Part 4 or 6 of ESOS by the compliance date, for the compliance period.


ISO 50001


An alternative route to compliance against ESOS is demonstrating that your company has implemented an energy management system conforming and certified to ISO 50001.




Enforcement action and compliance against the ESOS Regulations is the responsibility of the  Environment Agency ("EA") in the role of the Scheme Administrator.



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  • Compliance Register


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