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The benefits of an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System ("EMS")


ISO 14001 is the most internationally adopted environmental standard across all ISO (international standard organisation) standards. There were 319,324 organisations in 171 countries certified against ISO 14001, with 947 certified against the 2015 version and 318,377 against the 2004 version in 2015. The standard is adopted across all continents and has continued to show a rise in organisation choosing to be certified against ISO 14001 (in 2014, 296,736 organisations were certified).


Senior management decisions, supply chain requirements, competitiveness in the marketplace, operational efficiency  and stakeholder interest are some of the reasons why this standard continues to be adopted by organisations worldwide. It simply makes business sense.


Integrated into strategic business thinking, the ISO 14001 standard provides confidence to internal and external stakeholders in organisational management control and environmental compliance obligations being met.


Which version should our organisation implement?


From 2015 all new standards issued will adopt a new standardised structure in the next revisions, Annex SL, which sets out 10 standard high level clauses. This structure will provide consistency and easier integration with other standards. The ISO 14001:2015 version adopts the new Annex SL structure which leadership focused and more forward thinking. We recommend implementing this standard version if this is your 1st certification.


A 3 year transition period has been granted for all organisations with ISO 14001:2004 to implement the requirements of ISO 14001:2015. After September 2018 all ISO 14001 EMS's will need to have certificates in place against ISO 14001:2015.


With each organisation being structured differently and with operations ranging from single site to global operations, we would need to establish the correct transition plan for your organisation to ensure valid certificates are in place ahead of September 2018.


Our expertise


We have successfully implemented ISO 14001 EMS's across industry from small to medium-sized enterprises ("SME") to large global public listed enterprises with both ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 14001:2015 versions.  With our long established approach of integrating EMS's with commercial thinking in mind, we have always found organisations a competitive edge whilst reducing their impact upon the environment.


With in-house sustainability and environmental management experience ranging from 15-30 years each and qualified Lead EMS Auditors, led by Sunny Pawar, you can have confidence that we will implement an EMS that meets your compliance requirements and identifies financial savings and business opportunities.

Useful Websites


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  • Ecobot (website coming soon)

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